“It is finished!” John 19:30

Do you ever feel like pastors and parents and other Christians keep giving you a laundry list of things to do? The fruits of the Spirit, the 10 commandments, the beatitudes, the list is long.

Trying to be good and do the right things can be the most exhausting thing in the world. You know why? You’ve probably already figured it out- you can’t do it. Doesn’t matter how hard you try or how good you are, you are never going to be good enough to make it to heaven on your own.

Paul knew all about that- he talks about it in Romans 7: 15-25. But that’s where the good news comes in. When Jesus came into this world, he came to die for our sins, but he also came to fulfill scripture and to live a perfect life.

In John 17:4 as he is praying to the Father he acknowledges that he has completed work. He has lived a perfect, sinless life. And in John 19:30 he says these 3 beautiful words. It. Is. Finished. FINISHED!

Done, complete, closed, taken care of- finished! Our sins are paid for. Our works will NEVER be good enough, but Jesus’ works were good enough. Isn’t that wonderful freedom?

Romans 7:7,8 says that we are blessed when our sins are forgiven. So what about all of those things we are supposed to be doing? Well, our salvation does not give us license to go disobey anytime we please. We are saved FOR good works, not BY good works. (Ephesians 2:8-10).

So the next time you feel really frustrated, worn down, and tired from trying and trying and trying to do the right thing, and messing up, remember: It is finished! Go to God in repentance for your sin, and take joy and delight in his forgiveness and blessings.

Do you need to be reminded that it is finished?

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