Why Is Today a Great Day?

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

If you’ve been at camp before, you know that we do this thing when we wake up in the morning that feels kind of silly. Before we brush our teeth, before we make our beds or are even fully awake, we sit up, clap our hands, and say “It’s going to be a great day and I feel terrific!” Now, there’s lots of reasons we do this. We believe that your attitude matters and that every day can be a great day if you look for the good.

But there’s a deeper reason too, and you can see it in this verse from the Psalms. We can say with complete confidence that it is going to be a great day because this is a day the Lord has made, a day He has made especially for us, and given to us in His goodness. Everything that you come upon today is being used by the God who loves us more than we can imagine, for our good and His glory.

This doesn’t mean that every day is going to feel great though. In fact, the Bible tells us over and over again that life as a Christian is hard. This year so far has definitely not felt like our favorite. But the best thing about Christianity is that we have a firm, solid, unchangeable hope that God is still working even now, and that He wins in the end.

In New Morning Merices, Paul David Tripp writes, “There is simply no panic in heaven. God is never anxious…. God never worries about what is going to happen next or stresses over how things are going to turn out…. He never makes promises that He cannot keep. He never forgets what He said or what He wants to do next. He is all-powerful, absolutely perfect in every way, faithful to every word, sovereign over all that is, the definition of love, and He is righteous, just, tender, and patient all at the same time. He is not dismayed or distracted by our panic and our questions. No, the sovereign move of His grace marches on!”

This is why we can say with confidence that it is a great day. Because no matter what happens in your day, God is moving things closer to the one day someday when He is going to make everything right, and we will be with Him. We can feel terrific because He is in control. Nothing surprises Him. He is watching over you even now. Doesn’t that change the way you look at the gift of today?

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