Our Frozen Hearts

“But we have treasures in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

One of my favorite songs is “Lord Dissolve My Frozen Heart.”

“Lord, dissolve my frozen heart. By the beams of Love Divine. This alone can warmth impart. To dissolve a heart like mine.”

It perfectly describes the natural state of my heart and yours towards God. We are born frozen. Our hearts are numb to God’s voice and we have no desire to be about what He is about in this world. When we are saved, it is a work of the Holy Spirit entering our hearts and beginning the melting process.

The sanctifying work of God’s Holy Spirit is the only thing that makes obedience to God possible. We have no power to obey God apart from the Holy Spirit’s presence in our hearts.

The Spirit’s work is also ongoing and sometimes painfully slow. We cannot expect to be changed all at once. In fact, we often get frustrated when we are tempted and fall into the same sin patterns over and over again. We wonder if we will ever change.

The melting process lasts our entire lives as our hearts become warmed to God’s design for our life. But over time, we experience small victories over our sin. Our hearts soften towars unlovable people placed in our path, we exit an unhealthy relationship, or we find ourselves turning away from an addiction.

Slowly we become more dependent on God in all things. Our faith starts with the Holy Spirit and grows with the Holy Spirit - we are powerless apart from it. Praise the Lord that it is His work and not ours!

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