Do You Feel Like You're Enough?

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of Your mind.” Romans 12:12

When I walked into Main Camp in 2015, I was desperate for the summer to begin. For an entire year at school, I had been caught up in a constant cycle of comparing myself to others, as well as trying to measure up to what everyone else thought was the “best” or the “smartest” or the “coolest” new trend. No matter what, I always felt behind.

One night, my counselor read some verses from the Bible to our cabin to help us calm our minds and put us on a path to peace with ourselves. One of those verses was Romans 12:12. Through these verses and some deep conversations with my friends, we realized something so important: comparison was sucking the joy out of our daily lives. We were becoming drained and exhausted- emotionally, physically, mentally, and even spiritually. The toxicity had begun to really eat away at us.

This dissatisfaction is not what God intended for us when he made us in his image. God intended for us to pursue him in order to see more and more each day that we are all made in his likeness- we were uniquely and wonderfully made, as Libby Miller always said.

In terms of how we can help get back to this Godly perspective, despite a world full of comparison and temptation, this verse from Romans gives us a very good place to start. This verse encourages us to go out and seek the Lord in all that we do, so that our minds may be given a new perspective whenever we view ourselves: the perspective of our creator, God, and not that of this world.

In seeking to see ourselves through the Lord’s eyes, we also can begin to see others and the world in the same way as well. With this new Godly perspective, we can approach how we treat ourselves as well as others how we should- the way that God intended.

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