But How Do I Follow The Lord After Camp?

Cast your cares on The Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous be shaken. Psalm 55:2

Perhaps the greatest concern I find among the precious girls who take my bible class is in the question, “How will I walk with God when I go home?” For all of us camp is SUCH a spiritual refuge…an oasis from a pressure-filled, over-stimulating, busy world in which we are called to live. As a busy mom of three daughters, I know personally that I absolutely live for the physical, spiritual and emotional break that camp provides for me. You experience it too. There is nothing more refreshing than a community of deep friends devoted to God and to encouraging one another’s faith and personal growth. Like sponges we all soak up Gods word and find joy and rest in the fun and fellowship of His people who are committed to building us up in Christ. Truly a slice of heaven…

And yet we are not called to live at camp year-round. There is still work to be done in ushering in God’s kingdom. The Lord has not called us to live in a Christian bubble, but rather to live in a world that He loves with people He longs to save. And yet we all feel inadequate to even stay the Christian course let alone actually help someone else along the way!

The girls I talk to each summer worry that they will fall back into temptation, hide their faith or, God forbid, have to sit home on a Saturday night rather than be out in the “party” scene! Ok, I am being a little cheeky, but the truth is we ARE inadequate and DO struggle on a daily basis to be the woman we want to be for Jesus. There is a reason… We are sinners and no matter how hard we try we will make strides AND we will fail. We need the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit each day to give us what we need to follow Him.

The gospel says we are more sinful than we ever imagined yet more loved than we ever hoped. We are free to fail because Jesus has succeeded FOR us, and it is that saving Love that changes us and motivates our hearts towards obedience, courage and strength. You can’t walk with Him in your own strength my friend, but as Psalm 55:2 says, He WILL sustain us. So cast your cares on Him and trust Jesus to provide exactly what you need today to walk with Him.

Father, I give you my fears this day and pray that I would believe you WILL sustain me and provide for my every need this day. Amen