Elly Anderson

After 10 summers as a camper, Elly returned to be one of our best counselors in 2017! She is a student at Wake Forest University.

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John Bourgeois

John is the RUF minister at Wake Forest University, and joined us as our June Camp Minister in 2021. He lives in Winston-Salem with his family. We loved hearing his Morning Assembly devotions and Sunday sermons, and bet you’re going to get so much out of them as well!

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Angela Bredeman

Angela was a counselor for years and is known as the queen of the Glass Fusion hut. She’s helped many campers create incredible crafts out of glass. She is a graduate of Liberty University.

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Anna Brinson

Anna was one of our most beloved Ceramics instructors when she was a counselor in 2013. She graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 2016.

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Sarah Brown

Events & Outreach Director

Sarah loves to help new campers get ready for the summer.

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Wimberly Brown

Wimberly worked on staff in 2008 and 2009 before graduating from the College of Charleston. She continues to live and work in Charleston SC.

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Whitney Busse

After many camper years, Whitney returned as an all-star counselor and Group Leader before working on our full time team. She now lives with her husband and daughter in Durham, NC.

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Henderson Cole

Henderson was a camper and a counselor for years, always making it a priority to come to camp during the summer, even just for a few weeks. She graduated from the University of South Carolina and now lives in Atlanta.

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Margaret Cox

Margaret was a camper for 7 years before returning on staff in 2017. Next time you see her, make sure to ask her about her “fainting goat” skill!

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Erin Davis

Erin spent 3 summers at camp with her family when her husband Jonathan was our camp minister. They served RUF at the University of Kentucky before Jonathan took a pastoral job in Greenville, SC.

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Jonathan Davis

Jonathan has been the RUF minister at the University of Kentucky since 2011. This is his third year at Greystone and his first year as the Main Camp minister. We are thrilled to welcome him, his wife Erin and their two daughters (Caroline and Margaret) back to Greystone!

Jonathan graduated from Texas Christian University and Covenant Theological Seminary. He and his family live in Lexington, KY during the year.

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Catherine Elbaum

Head Counselor

After spending her whole life at Greystone, Catherine is excited to be joining the camp year-round team! A camper for 12 summers and a counselor for 4, Catherine will be working on counselor hiring, camper engagement, and many other details that combine to make Greystone better every year. Catherine graduated from Wofford College and now lives in Raleigh with her husband, Peter, and dog, Ben.

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Emily Fackler

Emily came to Greystone as a camper for 12 years (!), and then returned to work on our Riding Staff as a counselor in 2019. She is a student at Aurbun University - War Eagle!

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Libby Floyd

Libby was a Greystone camper for 8 years before returning to serve on staff for another two. You could find her up at High Adventure, and many campers got to call her their cabin counselor!

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Paige Frock

Paige, affectionately known as “PA” by all of her camp friends, worked on staff for 4 years, from 2008-2011. She graduated from Vanderbilt and now lives in Austin, Texas with her husband.

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Emily Geno

Emily served on staff in 2016 and 2017 before graduating from Roanoke College. You could always find her down at the Archery range teaching girls to shoot!

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Caroline Giraud

Caroline came to camp for the first time as a counselor and she never looked back. She worked at High Adventure for years becoming a Group Leader. Caroline is the newest addition to our year-round staff and we could not be more excited!

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Cecilia Glenn

Cecilia was at camp before she was even a camper, when her dad was the camp minister. She was a camper, counselor, and Group Leader, and now lives in Nashville, where she’s a singer and songwriter.

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Porter Grant

Porter was a camper at Greystone for 10 years, before returning to serve on staff in college. She worked up at High Adventure, and then later served our campers and counselors on our Group Leader Team. She is a graduate of Furman University.

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Kendall Hamby

Kendall is a Greystone alumna who has helped with many aspects of camp. Her husband, Rob, was a camp minister, and Kendall continues to come back to serve as a Hostess. She lives with her family in Dallas, TX.

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Rob Hamby

After starting RUF at Furman University, Rob headed to texas to serve with RUF at Texas Christian University. He married a Greystone girl, and was our June Camp minister for years. Rob, Kendall, and their two children live in Dallas, where he is the Assistant Pastor at Providence Prebyterian Church.

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Rachel Heller

Rachel was a joyful camper for many years before serving as a counselor and Group Leader. She now lives with her husband in the windy city of Chicago.

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Caroline Hill

Caroline was a camper for several years, and came back to be a counselor and a Group Leader. She brings her spunk to everything she does. You will see this design major’s skills in many parts of our website! Caroline graduated from the University of Georgia and now lives in Nashville.

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Heather Brown Holleman

A true Greystone great, Heather was a counselor and a group leader in the 90’s. She’s famous for creating the Morning Assembly format we still use today, and turning White Hall into the Grey Café. Heather still ministers to college students on the campus of Penn State, where she is an English professor. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters.

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Sarah Hughes

Sarah was a camper all the way through the Castle, and we were thilled to get her back as a counselor and a Group Leader. She graduated from Furman Unviersity and she now lives in Nashville and enjoys seeing camp friends every chance she gets!

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Hilary Hutchinson

Hilary’s bright spirit has lit up camp since she first came as a camper. She was a counselor and now continues to serve as a Group Leader. Hilary is working on her Masters in Education and living in Owensboro, KY with her bulldog, Winnie.

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Britt Johnsen

Britt was a camper in her younger years for 4 years and returned to Greystone in 2017 to serve on staff, spending her days in the Dance Room. She is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University.

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Reid Jones

Reid is the RUF Minister at Clemson University, and served as our Main Camp Minister for the summer of 2021. He lives with his family in Clemson, SC, and campers and counselors alike loved hearing his Morning Assembly devotions and Sunday sermons. You will love them too!

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Ashley Konarski

Our 2016 campers loved going on hikes with Ashley. Our staff would not have been the same without her. Ashley loves being a student at Eastern Carolina University!

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Emily Kurtz

We loved having Emily on staff in 2015. She made this place better by loving on our dog camp puppies as well as our campers! Emily is a student at Auburn University.

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Dave Latham

Dave’s camp career began early, when he served on Men Staff and later worked year-round at camp. Here he met his wife, Rebecca, and later served as our Main Camp minister while he was an RUF pastor at Christopher Newport University. Dave and Rebecca now live in Charlotte with their two children, and he serves as the Director of Admissions and Recruitment at Reformed Theological Seminary.

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McKenzie Lawson

Kenzie was an all-star counselor and Group Leader between 2006-2009. She graduated from the University of Georgia and now lives in Atlanta with her husband and precious son.

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Mary Cate LeBoeuf

Mary Cate worked on staff in 2013 while attending the University of Tennessee. She now lives in Knoxville with her husband and dog.

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Milly Macadam

Milly and her sisters are Greystone legends! She was a camper and counselor - you could always find her at Landpsorts. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a Nursing degree.

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Lindsey Batte McMullan

Lindsey was a counselor and a Group leader in the 90’s. She’s now a doctor and lives with her family in Mississippi.

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Virginia McNeill

Virginia was a camper for 9 years before returning to serve on staff in 2015 and 2018.

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Jimboy Miller


Jimboy (a Director since 1988) has been the Executive Director of Greystone since 1996. He grew up at camp and has worked in virtually every area of the business, from horse groom, to maintenance boy, to canoeing counselor, to camp cook, then Director. Jimboy makes camp fun! He brings simple enthusiasm and devoted care to every detail of the summer. Fireworks during the carnival, amazing facility renovations, and generous giveaways all bear Jimboy’s “over the top” signature. He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and RTS seminary before returning to Greystone to serve as Director.

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Amy Morgan

Amy worked on staff for 3 summers, from 2016-2018. Campers loved having her as their cabin counselor and Ceramics teacher!

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Anna Ruth Morrison

Anna Ruth was a Greystone camper for 8 years, and then returned to serve on staff in 2021. She worked up at the pool, and even jumped in to teach Drama during August Camp!

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Macie Moseley

Macie came to camp for the first time as a counselor in 2015, and returned the next year. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, she moved to Charlotte with her husband, James, and Golden Doodle, Charley. You can now find her writing content at one of our favorites, Proverbs 31 Ministries!

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Meg Murray

Singer/Songwriter Meg Murray was a counselor for years starting in 2008. Campers loved taking her Zumba and fitness classes and learning from Meg’s trademark positivity and spunk. She now lives in Nashville.

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Cody Nall

Cody made a huge impact on camp on her one year on staff. She fit right into camp from the beginning and worked in our Ceramics department.

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Brandon O'Brien

When you think camp, you think Brandon! This Vanderbilt grad was a counselor and then an All-Star Group Leader. She’s known for her ability to make up Evening Program rhymes on the spot.

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Matt Patrick

Matt was the RUF minister at Wofford College for years and served as our June Camp Minister for the first time in 2022. He is now on staff full time at a church in Huntsville, Alabama. We know you’re going to get as much out of his Morning Assembly devotions and Sunday church sermons as we did!

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Elizabeth Madden Pehrson

Elizabeth was a counselor and a group leader for years, before helping to revive our Family Camp. She and her husband David got married at camp and now live in Atlanta with their eight kids.

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Elizabeth Raby

Elizabeth’s love of Greystone has spanned from her camper years to being on staff and working at High Adventure. She’s a student at UNC and loves rooting on the Tarheels!

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Leland Reynolds

Leland grew up in Spartanburg, SC but spent every summer at camp, first as a camper, then counselor, then superstar Group Leader. She’s now our video guru - if you see a cool camp video, chances are, it’s Leland’s work. She and her husband Mark live in Atlanta.

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Blythe Reynolds

Blythe was a counselor for many years with her sister, Mary Hamilton. We love the Reynolds girls! Blythe could not have picked a more perfect career - she’s now an elementary school teacher, using all the skills she learned at camp.

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Leah Rhodes

If you’ve been at camp in the last decade or two, you already know and love Leah. She’s been involved in every aspect of camp, from working in the laundry, to being a rockstar camper, to spending every college summer on staff. She calls Hendersonville, NC home and has major fencing skills.

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Paige Rouse

Paige worked her first summer on staff in 2018 and is returning for 2019.

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Abby Schneider

Abby has served on staff for five years, starting at Junior Camp and then returning for the full summer, where campers loved seeing her down at the Farm Barn!

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Lucy Banks Smith

Lucy Banks was a camper for 11 years, before returning to serve on staff. She was a cabin counselor, and then a Group Leader. She’s now doing big things in Law School!

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David Speakman

David served as camp minister for many years while he was the RUF pastor at Davidson College. He and his wife, Margaret Ann, and their and three children now live in Winston-Salem, NC where he is an Associate Pastor at Hope Church.

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Margaret Ann Speakman

Margaret Ann was a camper and a counselor before marrying her husband, David. Their family came back to camp when David was the camp minister for several years, and she continues to return to teach Bible. She lives in Winston-Salem with her family

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Anna Greene Stanley

Anna was a counselor for years before meeting her husband, Hunter at camp. They now live with their family in Birmingham.

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Simon Stokes

Simon is the RUF minister at UNC Chapel Hill and it’s his first year serving as the June Camp minister. Simon, his wife Katie, and their baby girl (Emory) live in Durham, NC and we hope that Emory will be a Greystone girl one day!

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Sandi Taylor

After starting in the Greystone kitchen, Sandi became a Group Leader and we’ve not let her leave yet! She served as our Program Director. She and her husband Bill got engaged and married at camp. They now live in New York with their three daughters. Sandi teaches the Senior Bible class at Main camp.

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Tim Udouj

Before becoming the pastor of Grace and Peace Presbyterian in Greenville, SC, Tim served as the RUF pastor at Furman University. He was a minister at Main and August Camp, and now lives in Greenville with his family.

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Rachel Vining

Rachel made a huge impact on Greystone during her three years on staff. Since graduating from Carson Newman University, she now serves as an Intern with RUF International at Texas A&M where she shows the gospel to International Students.

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Austen Zoutewelle

Austen was a camper and has been a counselor for years. You can always find her at the pool with a big smile on her face. She graduated from Sewanee and now lives in Austin, TX.

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