A collection of devotionals and great books hand-picked by the Greystone staff and certain to edify you or a special girl in your life. Have something you would like us to read and consider sharing with the Greystone community? Tell us about it and we’ll take a look!

Elementary School


Looking to keep yourself or a young girl you know in the Word of God on a regular basis? The following books are a great place to start, presenting exciting and uplifting stories from the Bible to engage and encourage.

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

From Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago, the creators of the bestselling The Jesus Storybook Bible, comes a gorgeous and innovative collection of 101 simple-yet-profound thoughts on faith, to turn the reader’s eyes toward the God who loves them with a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.

Write the Word for Kids

These kids Bible journals plant the seeds of God’s word deep in the heart of your child. The perfect starting journal for kids, they’re a great activity for boys and for girls ages 5-12.

Jesus Storybook Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible tells the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible and invites children to join in the greatest of all adventures — to discover that Jesus is at the center of God’s great story of salvation.

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids

Devotions written as if Jesus is speaking directly to a child’s heart.

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

Each day, families can read the provided Scripture passage, engage with a specially written devotion to help children of all ages understand the Advent theme for the day, and participate in suggested activities to apply the theme.

For Girls Like You

Wynter Pitts, founder of For Girls Like You magazine, gives girls a new devotional showing them a correct definition of themselves, opening their eyes to God’s truth and the difference it makes in their lives.


Whether a girl’s looking for a bedtime story or a longer tale to get lost in, the selections that follow are guaranteed to be real page-turners. Readers will come away stronger for having experienced them as well.

The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden

The Bible is full of exciting stories that fill children with awe and wonder. But kids need to know how all those classic stories connect to Scripture’s overarching message about God’s glorious plan to redeem his rebellious people.

The Tale of Three Trees

Featuring the wonderful illustrations of Tim Jonke, this best-selling children’s book tells the Easter story from a new and unusual point of view.

You are Special

In this heartwarming children’s tale, Eli the woodcarver helps Punchinello understand how special he is — no matter what other Wemmicks may think.

The Wingfeather Saga

Full of characters rich in heart, smarts, and courage, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness presents a world of wonder and a tale children of all ages will cherish.

Sidney and Norman: A Tale of Two Pigs

Sidney & Norman uses the simple context of two pigs living next door to each other to communicate a profound truth about how we judge each other and often judge ourselves.

The Chronicles of Narnia

These classic stories from C.S. Lewis are beloved by all ages, and great to read together as a family!

Middle & High School


Life can be challenging in Middle and High School! The Greystone staff loves the follow devotionals, which help older girls stay close to Jesus and apply His words to their lives.

Grace Upon Grace Journaling Devotional: Trusting God No Matter What

Today’s teen girls are coming of age in a world full of shallow distractions and divided communities. To counter these crazy days, bestselling author Sophie Hudson offers Grace Upon Grace, a journaling devotional to encourage young women to spend time engaging with Scripture, insightful devotional thoughts, and the wild gift of God’s grace.

The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms

If you have no devotional life yet, this book is a wonderful way to start. If you already spend time in study and prayer, understanding every verse of the psalms will bring you a new level of intimacy with God, unlocking your purpose within God’s kingdom.

Fighting Words Devotional: 100 Days of Speaking Truth into the Darkness

Filled with encouraging and honest reflections, beautifully designed Scripture memory pages, and wonderful questions to help you process, Fighting Words is a place where you can wrestle, respond to, and take hold of precious truths in God’s Word to help you push back the lies that so often consume, distract, and destroy us.

Smart Girls Guide to God, Guys, and the Galaxy

You’ll be encouraged and challenged with sound, biblically-based advice equipping you to stand up for your faith and live the Christian walk every day.

New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

Mornings can be tough. Sometimes, a hearty breakfast and strong cup of coffee just aren’t enough.

The Blue Book: A Devotional Guide for Every Season of Your Life

This Young Life favorite gets rave reviews. It’s designed to offer space and structure, Scripture and prayers, as well as readings and reflections for your daily time with God.

Jesus Calling: Enjoy Peace in His Presence

Each day offers encouragement and hope from a Savior who is closer than you can imagine and who will never leave you. Grow in a deep personal faith while reading a message that everyone needs to hear and embrace deep within the soul.

100 Days to Brave: Devotions for Unlocking Your Most Courageous Self

You were always meant to be brave. With honesty and relatable humor, this compilation of best-of writings and new pieces from Annie will help you embrace the path and the plan God has for you.


Take your or your daughter’s Christian walk further during the pivotal years before college. Read the following recommendations from the Greystone staff.

Brave: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Beating Worry and Anxiety

This teen-friendly guide–for girls ages 13 to 18–from counselor Sissy Goff will help your daughter understand anxiety’s roots and why her brain is often working against her when she worries. In this book filled with stories and self-discovery exercises, she will find more of her voice and her confidence, discovering the brave girl God made her to be.

Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers

Girls can easily feel that Jesus is perpetually disappointed and frustrated, maybe even close to giving up on them. In Matthew 11, Jesus describes himself as “gentle and lowly in heart,” longing for his people to find rest in him. This book reflects on his words, diving deep into Bible passages that speak of Christ’s affections for sinners and encouraging believers.

Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely

The enemy wants us to feel rejected, left out, lonely, and less than. Uninvited reminds us we are destined for a love that can never be diminished, tarnished, shaken, or taken–a love that does not reject or uninvite.

None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That’s a Good Thing)

Our limitations are by design. We were never meant to be God. But at the root of every sin is our rebellious desire to possess attributes that belong to God alone. Calling us to embrace our limits as a means of glorifying God’s limitless power, Jen Wilkin invites us to celebrate the freedom that comes when we rest in letting God be God.

This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years

This book will help you see how the truth about God changes everything—our relationships, our time, our sin, our habits, and more—freeing us to live joyful, obedient, and Christ-exalting lives, even while we’re young.

Woven: Understanding the Bible as One Seamless Story

In her unique and remarkably readable way, Angie Smith helps you tie together all the loose, disconnected threads you find in the Bible, weaving them into a beautifully crafted storyline. Because once you see the big picture, you’ll see it on every page. Every time.

Grace for the Good Girl

Popular (in)courage blogger writes candidly to “good girls” and helps women see that a relationship with God is not another performance-based role, but a safe place to be yourself.

You’re Already Amazing

Read the Wall Street Journal bestselling book that has helped close to 100,000 women embrace who they are and become all they’re created to be.

Love Idol

In this poignant and hope-filled book, Jennifer Dukes Lee shares her own lifelong journey of learning to rely on the unconditional love of God. She gently invites us to make peace with our imperfections and to stop working overtime for a love that is already ours.

Girl Meets Change

In this hope-filled book, Strong shows women how when we follow God’s will, we receive blessings of contentment, purpose, and renewed strength.

Guarded by Christ: Knowing the God Who Rescues and Keeps Us

Greystone alum Heather leads you through a series of mental shifts to help you live strong in the Lord who rescues, keeps, and holds you with His love.

She Reads Truth: Holding Tight to Permenant in a World That’s Passing Away

She Reads Truth tells the stories of two women who discovered, through very different lives and circumstances, that only God and His Word remain unchanged as the world around them shifted and slipped away. Infused with biblical application and Scripture, this book is not just about two characters in two stories, but about one Hero and one Story. Every image points to the bigger picture—that God and His Word are true. Not because of anything we do, but because of who He is. Not once, not occasionally, but right now and all the time.

Finding I Am: How Jesus Fully Satisfies the Cry of Your Heart

This interactive, in depth study will guide you through Jesus’ I Am statements. It guides you through trading feelings of emptiness for the fullness of knowing who Jesus is.

Online Resources


While we love going technology-free at camp, there are so many great websites and apps out there to feed your faith outside of the camp bubble.

The Bible Project

BibleProject is a nonprofit ed-tech organization and animation studio that produces 100% free Bible videos, podcasts, blogs, classes, and educational Bible resources to help make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.

She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth is an online community of women in the Word of God every day. With daily devotions, study plans, downloadable backgrounds, and more, we love their mission and content!

Desiring God

Pastor John Piper’s website is a great resource for daily devotions, articles, and sermons.

YouVersion Bible App

Pr This is the best Bible app we’ve found. You can bookmark passages, add notes, and select different reading plans.

Proverbs 31 Ministries

Proverbs 31 is another online community seeking to lead women to a personal relationship with Christ. They offer devotions, daily radio messages, online studies, and lots of resources.

Thou Art Exalted App

This incredible new app wants to help teen and tween girls get to know Christ through the study of God’s word. It has Bible reading plans, daily devotions, and even art projects!

Echo Prayer App

Echo exists to help you pray.

If you’re anything like us, the biggest obstacles that keep you from praying are difficulty organizing or keeping a list of your prayers, then actually remembering to pray for those things when life gets busy. Echo was created to solve these problems, and to give you space to engage with your Creator.

The Bible Challenge - free!

The Bible Challenge is designed to guide you in reading the entire Bible over the course of a year through offering a daily reading from the Old Testament, New Testament, a Psalm, and a Proverb. It will help develop, encourage, and provide structure for about a 20-minute study in God’s Word every day. Additional teachings will help guide your further study as you dig deep into the Word of God.

All the Trivia Bible Trivia

Here you’ll find engaging and fun online quizzes to help you and your family learn about the Bible.

Resources for Parents


It’s easy to get lost in the sea of parenting books out there, we’ve felt it too! So we’ve rounded up a few gospel-centered books for when you need some encouragement and inspiration.

Mama Bear Apologetics

This mom-to-mom guide will equip you to teach your kids how to form their own biblical beliefs about what is true and what is false.

Love Her Well: 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection with Your Teenage Daughter

Camp mom favorite author and blogger Kari Kampakis suggests it’s time to change the narrative and mind-set that lead moms to parent teen girls with a spirit of defeat, not strength. By improving the foundation, habits, and dynamics of the relationship, mothers can connect with their teen daughters and earn a voice in their lives that allows moms to offer guidance, love, wisdom, and emotional support.

Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family

In this life-giving book, Paul Tripp offers parents much more than a to-do list. Instead, he presents us with a big-picture view of God’s plan for us as parents. Outlining fourteen foundational principles centered on the gospel, he shows that we need more than the latest parenting strategy or list of techniques. Rather, we need the rescuing grace of God―grace that has the power to shape how we view everything we do as parents.

Raising Worry-Free Girls: Helping Your Daughter Feel Braver, Stronger, and Smarter in an Anxious World

In a world fraught with worry and anxiety, veteran counselor Sissy Goff offers practical advice on how you can instill bravery and strength in your daughter, helping her understand why her brain is often working against her when she starts to worry and what she can do to fight back.

Parenting with Words of Grace: Building Relationships with Your Children One Conversation at a Time

Offering practical guidance for grace-filled communication in the midst of the craziness of everyday life, this accessible guide will help you speak in ways that reflect the grace God has shown to you in the gospel.

Exploring Grace Together: 40 Devotionals for the Family

Jessica Thompson offers us an alternative to merely telling our kids what they must do to please God and be a “good Christian.” Designed for the whole family, this collection of gospel-centered devotionals will help you teach your children to treasure and rely on Jesus more than anything else.

Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms

Motherhood is tough, and it often feels like the to-do list just gets longer and longer every day—making it hard to experience true joy in God, our children, and the gospel. In this encouraging book for frazzled moms, Gloria Furman helps us reorient our vision of motherhood around what the Bible teaches.

Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds

We all know it’s important to study God’s word, but it’s hard to know where to start. Offering a clear and concise plan to help women go deeper in their study of Scripture, this book will equip you to engage God’s Word in a way that trains your mind and transforms your heart.

Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to Be Noticed

Every heart longs to be seen and understood. Yet most of our lives is unwitnessed. We spend our days working, driving, parenting. We sometimes spend whole seasons feeling unnoticed and unappreciated. So how do we find contentment when we feel so hidden?