Come out, Come out, wherever you are

But the Lord God called to the man “where are you?” He answered, “I heard you in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked so I hid.” Gen. 3:9-10

My daughters love to play a good game of hide and seek. There is something about the nervous anticipation of someone looking for you and the imminent thrill of being exposed that they can’t seem to get enough of. My girls will almost always pop out before I “find” them (which a good mom will drag out even though she knows the hiding spot from the start) because they can’t stand the “seeker” surprising them…an attempt to control the exposure.

It always reminds me of how Adam and Eve hid from God after they ate he apple, after they decided that God was not for them and they wanted to be their own God. This is the bottom line of every sin (wanting to be our own god, totally independent) and yet the reality is that the very autonomy we crave in our sinful hearts leads us to hide and feel ashamed…the very essence of sin – afraid of being exposed.

And so we hide, just like Adam and Eve. But instead of hiding behind fig leaves, we hide behind our appearance, grades, talents, performance, gifts, abilities, relationships. Finding life and security in what we DO rather than in WHOSE WE ARE. And God in His great mercy, seeks us out, exposes our sin, forgives us and heals our lives. Just like my daughters when they play hide and seek, we really long for God to seek us out and save us from ourselves in the safety of His loving arms, so that we don’t have to hide anymore. I always tell the girls in Bible class that it is about “direction, not perfection”. That Jesus has been perfect FOR us so we don’t have to hide our sin anymore and try to have it all together. Come out, come out wherever you are; He is waiting for you.

Lord, help me to stop hiding from you. Remind me that you are FOR me and I can trust you. Protect me from Satan who deceives me with the lie that you don’t have my best in mind. Teach me to learn to believe YOU. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.