Is there a Plan B Lord? Really?

“For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 29:11

I absolutely love teaching the senior bible class each summer. It is such a joy and honestly, the person who gets the most out of it is me. It’s pretty encouraging to have to hear yourself teaching the truth of Gods Word every day for 4 weeks. It reminds my soul to “practice what I preach.”

One of the questions I get every year from girls is along the lines of this: “is God going to keep _____ from me because I tend to make it an idol?” Their reasoning is that God will withhold a blessing if they have made it too important. For example, one camper worried she wouldn’t get into the college of her dreams because (she was sure) God knew it was too important to her, so He would surely not allow her to get in “to teach her a lesson”.

Oh, how our hearts continue to believe the lie of the serpent who tells us that God is not for us…in fact, He is actually holding out on us. Yet the cross tells us something VERY different.

Jesus, living a perfect life FOR us and dying the death we deserve says He will ONLY give us the VERY best for us at all times. Sure, that may mean what is our Plan A (getting into our dream college) may not happen, but that would only be because it isn’t actually Plan A. God says HE has plans for us. And if those plans happen not to be the same as ours we can be confident that ours were not the very best for us.

Prayer: Thank you Lord that you know the plans you have for me. Help me to believe that those plans are good and give me the grace to trust you to lead me along the way. In Jesus name.

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