Be Still

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

In the world around us, we are not taught how to be still. Everything is fast-paced – from pushing our children to read at age three to having Smartphones where information is at our fingertips to microwaveable meals to feeling the pressure to be a part of every group, sport, club, and activity.

There is never enough time to just sit, turn our minds off, and just be…except when you arrive at camp, right? The peace that is found on the campus of Greystone, in the early-morning fog over the lake, and in the sounds of the crickets at night is the peace that we are given in our relationship with God when we stop and remember.

It’s the same peace that we can have every day, not just when we are at camp. It does take practice, though, and it does take letting go of the moment, the text we need to send, the show we are dying to watch, the Facebook we have to check, the test we have to study for, or the magazine/book we have to read. None of those things are bad – they can just be distractions.

It takes us admitting that we have a hard time being still, wanting to be more still, and asking Him for help in that area. By being still, we are “plugging” in to the real power source of our lives. We are admitting that we can’t do it alone, and we are reminding ourselves that we need to stop and refocus on the most important part of our lives, our faith. It is in these moments where we can feel God’s power, strength, and love.

Take away: Give yourself a moment to just sit, allowing yourself to stop working, thinking, planning, and doing. Say a prayer that God will help you to trust Him in these moments, letting Him do the work.

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