“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:14

We are all creators. For some of us, our creativity is expressed through visual art. . . a painting, a photograph, a sculpture. Others of us love to bake. . . A plate of cookies for a neighbor, a meal for our family, or maybe a perfectly arranged plate of nachos for us to enjoy on the couch. Our creative nature also comes out in a beautifully organized closet, a power point presentation for school, a song, a handwritten note.

The possibilities are endless, because that’s how we were made. . . to mirror the character of the one who made us in the beginning. When God formed the earth out of nothing, he expressed himself with creativity and purpose. It wasn’t enough to make one type of bird, he chose to make thousands–all of them unique. This extravagance and painstaking care in design reveals the character of our Lord. He LOVES to make good things.

What’s even more amazing is that he calls his creation of human beings VERY good. We are the crown of his creation. We are loved and delighted in because we are the work of his hands. We are lovely because the God of the universe intricately designed and made us to be his very own work of art. As Psalm 139 says, “he knit us together in our mother’s womb.” He designed each of us with delight, care, and purpose.

Its easy to forget these truths. I often get caught up in what my outfit looks like or how my clothes fit. I worry about how others will see me, and I use others’ opinions to evaluate how I’m doing. I often let these opinions (good or bad) determine my worth, value, and mood.

The Bible is full of words that tell us who we are and Whose we are. We are “his people,” “like jewels of a crown,” and “beloved children.” God made us and delights in us, and we were made to honor him and delight in him. Our worth and value comes from God calling us his children.

We have a choice each day. . . to trust who God says we are (his precious, beloved children) or to let the people and things around us tell us who we are. God’s words are more true than anything we hear around us–believe who he says that you are!

For Further Reading: Psalm 139, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Psalm 100:3, Zechariah 9:16

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