The Armor of God

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Eph. 6:10

Do you think it would be wise to send a soldier into battle without appropriate equipment? These days that sort of equipment is stuff like radar, night vision goggles, tanks, airplanes. But back in bible times they weren’t quite as electronic. For a soldier to be prepared for battle they needed things like swords and suits of armor. If you were missing part of your suit of armor, even a small part like the belt, you would have a weak spot. The whole armor was important.

Being a soldier might or might not seem foreign to you, but guess what- you are! You are a Soldier of Christ. Only the enemies that Christians fight can’t really be seen so well (Eph. 6) so we need to be sure and have the right equipment. What is that equipment? Well, our passage tells us. A belt holds things together, right? Well- that is truth. And we find truth in scripture. The breastplate protects really important things- it is righteousness. You won’t go very fast without the right shoes- that is readiness to spread the gospel. We need something to use as a shield for protection- that is our faith. Our heads are really important right? We need helmets to protect them- salvation! And when we go on the offensive, we need a weapon- a sword- in fact, it is the sword of the Spirit- God’ s word, or scripture. So: truth, righteousness, faith, salvation, and scripture. These make up your armor. But maybe the best news is that you are not fighting alone. You are called to be strong, but to be strong IN the strength of HIS might. So as you follow Christ in your everyday lives, remember your armor and use it. And stand strong in the Lord!

Did you know you had armor?