“I humbled my soul with fasting.” Psalm 35:13

I don’t know about you, but I used to think fasting was something only done during the Bible days. If someone mentioned it, my heart would get defensive!

Then one day I was reading in Matthew and felt a Holy Spirit conviction like no other. Jesus was talking to his followers (and that would include US by the way) and He said, “When you fast…..” Did you catch that? Not IF you fast, but WHEN you fast.

He then gives instructions on how to fast. But it was the WHEN that grabbed my heart. The very next day I was walking by the frozen food section at the grocery store and almost ran right into a book stand near the popsicles! There was one little book placed right in the middle that caught my eye. It practically jumped at me! Can you guess the title? It was simply called FASTING. I had to buy it. And that little book forever changed my life.

The purpose of fasting is to take our eyes off things in this world that have our desires, affection and attention, and replace it with prayer and an upward focus. Now, although fasting in Scripture is referring to abstaining from food, I have experienced great breakthrough and revelation on other types of fasts as well.

Just last year, we took on a life changing fast. A good friend of mine shared a book with me about a lady that fasted from different forms of EXCESS that we have our in our country. Things like media, food, clothing, spending, that so often demand our focus. I couldn’t put it down! My husband even read it in two days!

The next month, we began fasting as a family. Each month we eliminated one thing from our life that was captivating our attention. We did this for seven months. It was HARD. It was sacrificial. It was counter-cultural. It was even radical. But it was also one of the most rewarding experiences we have ever had.

What is it that receives all of your attention? What is it that you THINK you can’t live without? What is it that is competing with your time spent with the Lord? Is it social media? Television? Food? Your cell phone? Excess spending?

Are you willing to take a risk? Do something no one else is doing? Do you dare? Humble yourself before the Lord by fasting; be willing to go without an earthly desire and instead, be ready to see your desire for the Lord increase and your heart be satisfied!

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