Do Not Steal - 8th Commandment

You shall not steal. Exodus 20:15

There is more than first meets the eye to the 8th commandment. We are not trusting God when we break this command, and we are not being content.

Paul knew what it is to be content either in plenty or in want; he learned that the Lord would give him strength in any circumstance (Phil 4:11-13). Theft is first a sin against God. So you might wonder, how are you stealing if you are not actively doing something like shoplifting?

Some examples a little closer to home include not tithing and not keeping the Sabbath Holy. Other examples in how we might steal from others include cheating in school, doing personal things when you are supposed to be working (example: facebook/personal email), and being poor stewards of our parents’ finances.

When we steal, we are not being generous. Stealing results from covetousness, greed, jealousy, laziness, and self-centerdness- did you know so much sin was behind it?

There is another side to this command- the “thou shalt” side, if you will. Instead of stealing, we SHOULD be generous, servants, and put others first.

Some great passages that help us understand more about these things are Philippians 2:1-18 and Romans 12. This command can be a real challenge to keep. As you ask the Lord for forgiveness when you break it, remember that He is working in us each and every day to become more like Him. You can also ask him to help you become content with all of your circumstances!

In what areas of your life are you stealing from someone?

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