Plug In

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Phil. 4:13

Make a list of all the hard things going on in your life right now. Do you believe that you can do “all things” through Christ’s power in your life? When I think about the sovereignty of God and how whatever happens to me he allows, I remember that he will also give me strength to accomplish what’s before me.

You have immense power within you right now. You have the Lord of the Universe’s power in you—the same power that raises the dead, the same power that created the world, the same power that subdues nature, and the same power that performs miracles.

How do you access it?


Imagine your faith is like the plug to your computer. You computer has the capacity to do extraordinary things, but only if it has power. It must be plugged into a power source. Faith plugs you into God’s power. You plug into God. You strengthen your connection with prayer and the Bible, and suddenly, you find you’re doing things you never thought possible.

Plug in.

Make you list of hard things and then begin recording where you see God’s power at work in you.