“Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself—like JimDaddy asked me back at Camp Greystone in 1994—“Who are your friends? What are they doing to you? Is that OK?”

I remember evaluating my relationships that summer and asking myself these questions. I considered whether or not my friends were leading me into a deeper relationship with Christ or not. I wondered whether they were bringing out the best in me or if I became a worse person when I was around them. Did these friends exhibit strong moral character, or did they encourage me to compromise?

What were my friends doing to me? Was this OK? Years later, I found myself not feeling good about my life. My doctor asked me if I enjoyed my relationships. In particular, was I in any “toxic” relationships? If so, he suggested I recalibrate these friendships (maybe get some real distance) and start fresh with some inspiring, positive, godly friends.

I had controlling, negative, sarcastic, disobedient, rebellious, apathetic, codependent people in my life, and it was actually making me sad. Do you have people in your life like this? I have learned that it’s OK to separate yourself from toxic people. It’s OK to set firm boundaries with controlling or negative people. It’s OK to ask yourself JimDaddy’s questions and make some changes.

I did. It changed my life when I changed friends and started fresh with positive, godly men and women. Maybe that’s just what you need.

Ask God to show you if you need to recalibrate or distance yourself from any toxic people in your life.

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