Choose God

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.” Proverbs 3:27

The above verse is not a suggestion, a sweet thought, a good idea, or even an altruistic proposition. No, it’s not those things at all… it’s a command. God is not suggesting we do good, but instead telling us to.

I have a friend who once told me that one of the many reasons he loves and admires his wife is that “she sees the options of good and bad, and chooses good.” Those words have stayed with me for years. Is making wise decisions as easy as just doing the right thing?

In our world we have options everywhere we turn. You choose between over 40 classes at camp every summer. At this very moment there are 9,796 movies available on Netflix at the push of a button. At Starbucks there are over 87,000 customizable drink options… Did you miss that?! I said EIGHTY-SEVEN THOUSAND. It is no surprise that with all these options, we often get lost in the mix of decision-making and lines become easily blurred.

But what if we stood back and sorted out our options in front of us like my friend’s wife and resolved to always choose the good option? It would be hard, and often shift us into the unpopular opinion. It would also be a blessing to others.

Isn’t it such a gift that God didn’t create us as independent creatures, but that He built and designed community so that we might bring goodness into the lives of others? As the capital “c” Church, it is our job to do all the good that we can.

That means taking the time to call your friend after her admittance to the college of her choice even if you didn’t get in, setting the table before your mom asks, or thinking twice before sending that not so nice text about that classmate you’re currently annoyed with.

Why would we do these things? It often seems like it would be easier and less of a hassle to just opt out. But God is telling us it is our responsibility to do these things simply because you CAN.

God has you in the specific place that He needs you. That means you may be the only one in the position to reach out and do something good for someone else. If the ball is in your court, if you have the power to do good, then it isn’t just an option, but your calling to do it.

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