Deep Roots

“He is like a tree planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.” Psalm 1:3

What is your favorite kind of tree? I think live oaks are just beautiful- they have graceful lines, pretty leaves, and can grow to be really big.

Big trees have really big, deep root systems to absorb all of the water and nutrients that they need. A healthy tree does not wither between rains or if the weather gets really hot. And each year, it produces it’s “fruit”- whether apples or acorns.

Psalm 1 compares a person following the Lord to a strong, beautiful tree. This is a person who “delights” in God’s word and “meditates” on it.

God has given his children the gift of his word and also his church. When we are able to spend time meditating on his word, listening to the teaching and preaching of his word, and talking to him (prayer) we are nourishing our souls as we learn how to follow him. Like that tree that is near a stream, with a strong water supply, we can withstand the “elements” so to speak.

Trials will come, sin will rear its ugly head, but when we are rooted in God’s word we will “prosper”. That is different than financial prosper; it means that as we apply God’s word we will bear his fruit even in the storms of life. Just like a tree!

Isn’t it neat that God gives us illustrations about his creation to describe what walking with him is like. So next time you see a big beautiful tree, think of God’s goodness, and remind yourself to nourish your soul with his word and in prayer as you follow him.

Are your roots shallow or deep?

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