Bringing Kindness to Those Around You

“A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach, and be patient with difficult people.” 2 Timothy 2:4

Today, you’re going to have a thousand opportunities to exhibit kindness and patience with difficult people. Think about it: How many people in your life make you mad? How many people would you consider “difficult?” How many people could you get into an argument with this very day?

Parents, siblings, students, even teachers can just get on your nerves.

When I read Paul’s instructions to Timothy about not quarreling, I feel like a failure. When I think about being kind to everyone (even my enemies and even the most unlovable people), I feel ashamed. When I think about being patient, I’ve already ruined this day.

But then I remember that the Holy Spirit is changing me inside and giving me the ability to bring peace rather than argument. With Jesus inside of me, I can speak with kindness at all times. With God’s power, I can be patient with difficult people.

Ask God to change you. Ask God to produce this kind of character within you. This verse can become a lifelong mission statement if you let it. Imagine it! Peaceful, kind, patient you. The old you—your flesh—is combative, easily irritated, mean, impatient, and demanding.

Let God bring out the new you.

As you think about difficult people in your life, ask God to help you love them and be patient and kind today.

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