Leave Everything and Follow Me

“And when they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed him.” Luke 5:11 (Further reading Luke 5:1-10)

Jesus demands we give up our security.

The beginning of this story in Luke 5 takes place on the Sea of Galilee with Jesus and a few fishermen. The fishermen hadn’t been having good luck in catching fish and did not think they were ever going to. Jesus told him to put down their nets to catch fish. The fishermen told him it wasn’t worth it, they had been trying all day but they did it anyways.

They pulled up their nets to see they had caught more fish than they had ever caught before. They then became so aware of Jesus power and that he was the son of God they “left everything and followed him.”

These fishermen, one of them being named Simon, had families. They had jobs. They had houses. They had money. They had other possessions. They left it ALL and followed Jesus. Jesus calls US to “leave everything and follow him.”

Now He may not necessarily call us to give up our families, our homes, our jobs, all our money, all our possessions to follow Him. But He is going to call us to have following him be our PRIMARY driving force of our daily life. Not our family, not where we live, not how much money we have, not what clothes we have, not where we want to go to college, not things that are normal and comfortable to us, not something that we use as our security.

Jesus calls us to give up our security, our comfort, to follow Him. Jesus calls us to put our family and those we love second after Him. Jesus calls us to put Him before any wealth we might have. Those fisherman walked away from any wealth they had whatsoever. They found something more valuable to chase after. Jesus. Jesus demands our complete devotion. All our security is in Jesus.

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