Worthless Things

“Turn my eyes from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word.” Psalm 119:35

Do you find yourself attracted to things you know aren’t good for you? I know I am. For you, it might be that boy that’s bad news. It might be that particular environment that you know leads you into temptation.

Maybe it’s the music you love, the movies you watch over and over again, or even the illegal things we all know some teenagers do. They seem so fun. They seem so awesome. You feel so alive and so great when you’re doing this thing that you know Jesus wouldn’t want you doing. How could it be wrong?

I love meditating on Psalm 119 (The whole thing! It’s long!). The writer begs God to “turn [his] eyes from worthless things.” He asks God over and over again to “direct his heart” to the right pursuits. Isn’t that a great prayer? This is what I pray for us today:

Jesus, turn my heart away from worthless things. I don’t know how to make good choices. I can’t trust my own heart. I want to do things I know don’t please you, so change me deep within. Help me desire things you desire. Help me love what you love. Turn my eyes away from people, places, and activities that aren’t good for me. I need your strength and power. I need your wisdom and discernment to know the difference between worthless and worthwhile things. Help me Jesus! I need you! Amen.

How has Jesus helped you turn from worthless things?

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