“I have chosen you and not cast you off.” Isaiah 41:9

Have you ever met someone famous? Felt the thrill of being noticed by someone really important? Had a moment of being honored in front of a group for a big accomplishment?

In all these situations, our hearts skip a beat because someone has recognized us. . . . someone has seen a piece of who we are or of our hard work. It feels good to be appreciated and affirmed.

Longing to be someone significant lies deep within all of us. We were made to do great things! Sometimes though this longing begins to drive our attitudes and choices. We make decisions based on what will bring us attention and honor. . . . “If I get this grade on this test, maybe I’ll make the honor roll.” “If I practice really hard, then my parents will be pleased with me.” “I’ll be kind to this person while my teacher is watching.” Living like this can be exhausting.

The Bible says that before you were born, you were already noticed and loved. You were uniquely designed by God to be exactly who you are. There is no one else like you! When you were in your mother’s belly, God made you special. Like an architect draws up plans for a building, God meticulously designed you. He created your personality, placed you into your specific family, and laid out the circumstances of your life.

Even today, he notices you. All. Day. Long. He can’t get you out of his mind, constantly thinking of ways to bless you and shape you into one who soars and runs in his love. He delights at your first steps, your discovery of the wonders of nature, the strength and grace of your athletic skill, and your quiet kindness to a stranger.

Think on this today. . . . The One who made the whole world and everything in it notices you. He doesn’t just notice, but he KNOWS you and LOVES you deeply.

For Further Reading: Deuteronomy 7:6, Psalm 139:1-17

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