“Set your mind on things above, not what is on the earth.” Colossians 3:2

How do we think about the “right” things and control our minds to only think good, pure thoughts? We are challenged to focus on things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, and commendable.

We are to expose ourselves to things that bring forth excellence and remind us of things above. We need to get real about what we expose ourselves to in today’s society. There are lots of television shows, YouTube videos, movies, song lyrics, and magazine pictures/articles that we are exposed to. As a Christian, it is important to take a stand if the information featured is negative, unhealthy, or demeaning.

Putting these images or messages into our minds is a dangerous trap, where we can be manipulated or hurt without even realizing it. Our minds are vulnerable, and our thoughts tend to control our actions. Once you’ve read about or seen an image, it is almost impossible to erase it from your mind.

Don’t watch a movie or listen to a song that makes you feel guilty or upset. Don’t watch a movie or listen to a song that promotes violence, sin, or self-deprecation. That is why it is so important to be intentional about what we expose ourselves to.

The verse in Philippians states that we should think about things that are true – that means accepting reality and things as they are. The verse also states to think about things that are honorable – that means to think about others and ourselves in a positive, uplifting way (not in a way that tears anyone down).

We should think about things that are fair, pure and beautiful, and things that are worthy of being praised. All of this challenges us to fill our minds with truth, real beauty, and important tasks/experiences. It’s hard to follow these challenges if we have negative thoughts that are competing with the truth.

I also think it is important to focus our long-term goals on eternity. This will help us to set our minds on things above in the present, and this will challenge us to prioritize our future lives accordingly.

It amazes me that my thoughts have the power to control my future in a positive way if they are backed by truth, prayer, and positive images and information. It also amazes me that exposing my mind to unhealthy images and information can lead to a path of destruction. This leads me to Christ, the only One who can truly help me through this process.

Take away: Allow yourself to think about and meditate on things that are positive, true, and worthy. If you have resentments, harmful memories, or thoughts about yourself or others that are negative, consider letting those go by replacing them with positive thoughts and joyful memories that you can begin to create now.

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