Grow Closer to God

“For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 11:13

Being a Christian is being intimate with God. He asks us to truly love Him. You can’t fake it. You can’t cross it off of a to do list. You have to treat it as a relationship in your life that you cherish, prioritize, and respect.

My mom compares it to a parent-child relationship. When you’re at home you tell your parents everything, they are with you for most of the day, you call them, you text them, and they support you constantly. When you go to camp, your parents love for you does not go away, but all they get from you is a letter every so often. They don’t see you or hear all the details of your day because you are distant, without a phone.

God wants you to treat Him like you treat your parents when you’re at home. He wants us to send Him our thoughts constantly. Prayer does not have to be a formal thing. You can tell God thank you for this sun I’m feeling as I read my book at beach time. You can think about him as you hold on to the pole after jumping off the leap of faith. God can be with you everywhere. You just have to let Him in.

Christ wants us to yearn for His love. He wants to have a love story with us. He wants us to avoid just checking in with Him at Sunday school.

He wants to enter into our lives on a daily basis, constantly strengthening and supporting us. Where do you want to be with Christ? It’s easy to forget how big our God is. I like to remember that He can come with us wherever we go. He can be in the loop throughout our daily lives. The more we put into our relationship with Him, the more we can receive His love.

I encourage you to build your relationship with Him. Push yourself to pray more, to love Him harder. He asks us to genuinely love Him; to love Him with our whole hearts. How can you set goals for yourself to get closer to Him? What area of your life does God need to hear more about?

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