A Forever Kind of Memory

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

There are so many memories that we as Greystone girls share- maybe your favorite one is that level you passed in a challenging class, or the first time you tried Oreo Cream Pie in the Dining Hall with your friends! These memories are happy, rewarding, and very satisfying to think back on, but not all memories are like this.

When we have memories like this that we share with others, it makes them even more powerful. Simple conversations turn into hours-long talks, and we learn and grow from each and every conversation because we are reminded of the past.

There are very likely also memories of hard times, too. Maybe a bad grade at school, an argument with a friend, or even just a personal struggle. These memories have an equal importance in how we live our lives- they are meant for us to grow from and learn from, and that’s exactly why we have the Bible; it is a collection of memories and experiences that Jesus and his followers went through.

What we see in the Bible are beautiful tales, both of happiness and struggle. Can’t you just imagine how the disciples were likely always so filled with joy when they remembered together how they watched Jesus transform and shape nations right before them?

Of course, on the flip side of that, the Bible also clearly tells us how Jesus’ followers learned to lean on the Lord in times of struggle, and remembered him and his abundant goodness in times of hardship.

In our struggles and triumphs, we must do as the disciples did all those years ago and remember the Lord and how he shapes us in order to guide us down our designated paths. Remembering the Lord in all we do is such an important part of life, because we cannot lean on our own understanding. If we do not remember the good father that gave us life, the importance and purpose we have been created for becomes harder and harder to understand.

In our memories, we must seek the Lord and never, ever forget how he makes us beautiful, unique, precious, and oh so loved. This kind of memory makes those tough situations seem more doable, don’t you think?

Our father is there to help us learn from all seasons of life- the good and the bad. It’s more than enough just to remember in challenging times that he is there, helping us to never forget the abounding love and grace waiting for us.

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