The Search is Over

Jesus answered, ’I am the Way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

When I was in graduate school I worked with our church’s campus ministry and led a bible study of college-aged women. What I found early on to be true for all of them is that they were searching for answers in three main categories of life: direction, purpose and fulfillment. Where to go with their lives, what the meaning is/will be in it all and how to find satisfaction along the way…. After all, we only have 70 to 80 years if we are lucky so at some point a person wants to know what the point is to this life.

Of course there are many ways to find answers to the questions in those categories, to find some kind of meaning and fulfillment life….at least temporarily. We can find a measure of purpose and fulfillment in our relationships, grades, popularity, careers, achievements, image and so on. But, the problem with all of these is that they were never designed to provide true and lasting purpose and satisfaction. Whenever we make a good thing an “ultimate” it becomes and idol, an addiction, and we need more and more of it to find fulfillment and joy.

Jesus tells us HE is THE WAY (direction), THE TRUTH (purpose) and THE LIFE (fulfillment). He doesn’t say he is “a” way or “a kind of truth” or “a type of fulfillment”. But THE way, THE truth and THE life. He is the only addiction that will truly satisfy us because we were made for him to truly fulfill us.

Let’s ask God today to provide the grace we need to find life in him alone. And, let’s enjoy the gifts he has given us while we worship the Giver.

Prayer: Lord, you are the direction, purpose and fulfillment my needy heart is longing for. Grant me the grace today to believe that you alone satisfy; help me to live in light of this truth. Amen.

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