Calms Our Fears

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you. Isaiah 43:2

Where are you struggling to believe that God is for you? What situation in your life feels overwhelming?

Once, when Jesus was traveling by boat with his friends, he calmed an enormous storm that was raging on the sea. His friends were out of their minds with fear. . . . They thought they were going to die.

Sometimes our fears paralyze us. We are so afraid of difficult circumstances, that we freak out. When we reach this point, we have a choice. We can either lean into God to take care of us or we can lean into our fears. We must choose. . . . Do we believe our fears or do we believe the truth of who God is?

The Bible gives us a big picture of God–he cares for his people; he gives justice and shows mercy; he is full of compassion and slow to anger; he rescues his people from bondage; he generously and graciously blesses; he performs powerful miracles; and he delights in what he has made. Just as Jesus calmed a storm in nature, he has power to calm our stormy hearts. He has power over all things, and often we have to just choose to trust who he says he is.

Although we know about God’s power and read of it in the Bible, our hearts still wander, and we often find ourselves afraid. We still forget our God. But, in our weakness, he gives us a vision of his strength. Although we fall and fail, he stays powerful and strong. He is able to place our fears, brokenness, sin, and shame on one who is also all powerful, but who chooses to be weak.

This one is Jesus, who died for us and who revealed God’s ultimate power over sin and death. Because of Jesus, the things that seem most powerful in this world have become powerless. He is bigger than our biggest fears, and he wants what’s best for his children, giving us what we need even in the most difficult times.

For Further Reading: Mark 4:35-41

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