On God's Team

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

As a girl who was raised in the South, I consider myself a pretty big football fan. It’s really a way of life down here. We try to watch (or attend) every game so that we can pull whole-heartedly for our team. Here’s what’s funny about football - or other athletic events. I do not actually have a personal relationship with anyone on any of the teams I pull for.

Most of you reading this could agree with that. Which means that we are not directly affected by whether or not our team wins (unless we have a fantasy team, and even then, barely). It will not actually change my life in any sort of way. And yet, the emotions that run during a football game are CRAZY. People cry, people fight, people act like their lives will be permanently affected by the outcome of the game. If our team loses, our day is ruined. And if our team wins, it’s the best day ever.

Have you ever thought about the fact, though, that if your team wins, that means there are just as many people (who’s lives are also not being changed) whose team lost? In order for your team to win, someone else’s has to lose. Someone else is having the worst day ever, so that you can have your best.

Here’s some great news: When you’re on God’s team, that isn’t the case! This verse right here says it all: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” God is always cheering for us - whether we win or lose.

As a member of God’s team, our biggest rival is sin, and Jesus already beat that for us! And our lives were seriously affected by the outcome of that match. Because of Jesus’s win over sin, we have the ability to celebrate every day! To know that Jesus had the worst day, so that we can always have the best days!

And, get this: God really does want to be in a personal relationship with us! Unlike all those other athletes we cheer for who we don’t know at all, God wants to know us! He wants us to tell Him when we need his support most, and He wants to celebrate with us when we’re joyful! And He’s got great plans to prosper us. It’s completely a win. You cannot lose when you’re on God’s team. What a wonderful thing to celebrate every single day!

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