Crowned with Glory and Honor

“What is man that you are mindful of him? The son of man that you care for him? You made him a little lower than the angels and crowned him with glory and honor.” Psalm 8:4-5

Camp Lip Sync nights…I just love them. Girls of every age, on stage, dancing, laughing, showing off, being celebrated and enjoyed by their friends and counselors. Where else these days can girls find that kind of attention? Attention that is whole, pure and safe?

We know that deep in the heart of every little (or big!) girl is the longing to be seen and to be known, to be told they are loved, worthy and valuable. The Bible says that God Himself, the very Creator of the Universe, is the One who sees us, and “crowns us with glory and honor.”

As our Maker, He alone has the right and power to determine our value and worth. His verdict on us? Fearfully and wonderfully made - His very crown of creation.

We all seek this kind of verdict in the wrong places at times…from our friends, boys, parents, our performance or achievements in school, sports or music. The problem is that even if we actually get the affirmation from those sources that we are loved and worthy, we know we have to work just as hard or harder to maintain that verdict.

Bill tells our girls every night that they are a joy and a blessing and a gift from God. He also tells them there is nothing they could ever do that would cause him (or God) not to love them. His is an unconditional love (perhaps imperfect but a reflection of the unconditional love and acceptance of their Heavenly Father).

You see, he loves our girls JUST because they are HIS. Not because of what they DO. It is the same with God….you are crowned with glory and honor just because you are HIS. Rest today in the truth that you are a joy and a blessing and a gift from God, that He sees you, loves you, delights in you…just because you are HIS!

Father, help me believe today that you say I am your treasure, that I am loved, enjoyed, accepted and worthy just because I belong to you. In Jesus name.

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